Dr. Jarboe strives to connect with her students and provide instruction in an easy to understand, collaborative format. Some reviews given by students from her class ChE 358, taught in Spring 2016 are listed below.

    Current Courses

    • Present2020

      ChE 210, Materials and Energy Balance

      Introduction to chemical processes. Physical behavior of gases, liquids, and solids. Application of material and energy balances to chemical engineering equipment and processes.

    Course History

    • PriorCourse

      ChE 625, Metabolic Engineering

      Emphasis on emerging examples in biorenewables and plant metabolic engineering. Overview of biochemical pathways, determination of flux distributions by stoichiometric and labeling techniques; kinetics and thermodynamics of metabolic networks; metabolic control analysis; genetic engineering for overexpression, deregulation, or inhibition of enzymes; directed evolution; application of bioinformatics, genomics, and proteomics.

    • PriorCourse

      ChE 381, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

      Application of thermodynamic principles to chemical engineering problems. Thermodynamic properties of fluids, phase equilibria, and chemical reaction equilibria.

    • PriorCourse

      ChE 358, Separations

      Diffusion and mass transfer in fluids. Analysis and design of continuous contacting and multistage separation processes. Binary and multicomponent distillation, absorption, extraction, evaporation, membrane processes, and simultaneous heat and mass transfer.

    • PriorCourse

      ChE 490, Undergraduate Research

      Investigation of topics of special interest to student and faculty with a final written report or presentation. Election of course and topic must be approved in advance by Department with completion of Study Proposal. No more than 6 credits of ChE 490 may be counted towards technical electives.

    • PriorCourse

      BBMB 301 & 303X, Survey of Biochemistry

      A survey of biochemistry: structure and function of amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids; enzymology; metabolism; biosynthesis; and selected topics. Course offered online. Not acceptable for credit toward a major in biochemistry, biophysics, or agricultural biochemistry.